Theme Thursday #9: 7.23.09

Theme Thursday!  I’m still in love with pens, journals and yes, inks, so we’ve got more sites that reivew, try out and find new writing tools, and some places to take classes.

First, shameless self-promotion. I’m teaching this Saturday–July 25, 2009–at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe. The store is on the Northwest corner of  McClintock and Guadalupe, in the Trader Joe’s shopping center.


PetroglyphHands Bookstore in Tempe. We are going to try out some experiments with raw art journalings. The subject is petroglyphs--patterns that come with meaning and are easy to draw and make your own. Information on the class and how to register is here.

We’ll be working on using petroglyphs–stone-carved symbols, in raw-art journaling. Class is from 10 to noon, costs $20, and you can register by calling (480) 730-0205.



InkyJournal reviews inks, particularly inks that work with certain journals. Hard to resist. . .for me. While the right-hand column sports the tooth-grinding mistake of adding an apostrophe for plurals, it does have good information. Interesting recent review is a penclip for Moleskine journals–which includes the shortcomings.

Notebookco is an Australian site that sells Moleskines. It’s a lovely site, but that’s not enough to be included in Theme Thursday. They carry the hard-to-find Japanese accordion-fold Moleskine as well as the Storyboard notebook. Scroll down on the page to find them side by side.

If you are looking for something to write in that journal, try this index of phrases, sayings, and idioms. You can discover the nautical origin of “cut and run” and “broad in the beam,” plus take clever quizzes about word and phrase origins. A word-lovers site worth bookmarking.

If you love book arts, and live on the West Coast,  look at all the classes taught at San Diego Book Arts. Lovely and reasonable–a good combination!

If you live in Arizona, don’t miss the Sedona Art Center for classes–the website needs some poking around to find it all, but it’s worth the effort.

You can join in on Theme Thursday: post three links to sites you love or blogs you follow. You can do it on your site or in comments here.

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—Quinn McDonald is a life- and certified creativity coach. She teaches people how to write and give presentations. She also  manages four journals that travel the world.

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