5 thoughts on “Tutorial: Easy Index-Card Journal

  1. Handy and quick project. I can also see adapting it for other purposes. Thanks for the idea and instructions!

    erscampbell’s idea for the eyelets (I HATE sewing!) appeals to me. And if the eyelets are large enough, you could use ribbon or twine to tie the journal shut.

  2. Such a practical idea–looks like it would work great. I always take index cards when I’m out shooting, and the cards often get crumpled or damp or even lost. I wonder if I could stitch a double line down the center, just big enough to hold a little pencil. Then it would really be all in one.

    • Clever idea! Making the entire piece a quarter inch wider, the flap a little deeper and stitching in a double line would be a great place to put a pencil or ballpoint. Thanks!

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