Theme Thursday #10: 7/30/09

If you love paper arts, you have to see the crisp, clean collage of Helen Musselwhite. The interview in Creative Review is not only interesting, there is a brief how-to and some breath-taking photos of Musselwhite’s detailed work.

Every artist who has ever had to write a bio has wished for something easier–spinning straw into gold, for example. Copylicious, who blogs on writing, gives you an easy way to write an interesting, engaging bio. I used it to create the bio for my keynote for Art Unraveled, and it sounds natural and more like me than any other one I’ve written. It can easily be adapted for your artist statement, too.

Rainstorm by:

Rainstorm by:

Music can be more than melody or notes, it can recreate sounds you are familiar with. In this clip, an Eastern-European A capella group imitates the sound of an African rainstorm, from small drops to thundering downpour. It’s followed by a rendition of Toto’s Africa, a song from the 70s. The song is well rendered, but the first 1:40 is a great rainstorm to listen to.

Anna Hawthorne has a book-arts site. It’s a lovely place to spend poking around and exploring. She’s making a zine, and gives some instructions.

I just ordered some stationery from Perideau Designs. Custom made, came in four days. If you like sleek, simple designs, take a peek at Perideau.

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