Why Does My Life Coach Do That?

If you are a life coach, you will have a list of policies and procedures that your clients won’t understand. Here are some of my working ways and why I do them.

1. Why do I have to call my coach, why doesn’t my coach call me? Much of the reason is the same thinking behind going to the dentist, the mall, or a hair appointment–the client makes the effort. If I phone clients, I discovered that they weren’t ready, asked me to call back, were not in a place they could talk. If the responsibility of coaching communication is left to the client, they are focused and ready to talk when they make the call.

2. Why do you bill me if I miss a call? I was [fill in good excuse here.] My agreement says that if you miss a call without 24 hours notice, I will charge you for that call. I do make exceptions. Lots of them. But I do have clients who are scattered, not used to sticking to a schedule, resistent to timetables, or simply avoiding the accountability of coaching. Often these clients haven’t done the homework we agreed to. That becomes a separate issue.

At the end of each call, the client and I agree on a time for the next call. I save that time for that client. I schedule my activities around that call, including giving up other work. When the client doesn’t call, I’ve lost work. In addition, I have to contact the client and set up a new time–and that means that a missed hour of coaching results in a minimum of two-and-a-half hours of my time–the missed hour, the real hour, and a half hour spent in setting up a new appointment and juggling other priorities. If four clients miss a call, it’s an entire wasted day of my time, and I need to recoup the financial loss.

3. If I call five minutes late, why don’t I get a full hour of coaching? My coaching time is booked for a few weeks in advance. I give myself 15 minutes between calls to clear my head, take care of physical needs or check emails. When a client calls late, we still end on time, so the next client won’t be inconvenienced. I do the same for you.

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–Quinn McDonald is a writer, life- and creativity coach. She has a business site and an art site that explains different kinds of coaching on each site. She offers free sample coachings. © 2009