Theme Thursday #15: 9.3.09

Yesterday I wrote about a lack of maps in printed material. It seems fair to make today’s Theme Thursday about maps–fun ones, old ones, fantasy ones. Maps help us know where we are and decide where we want to go, both literally and figuratively.

Recently, while researching a journaling class on secrets and codes, I put aside planning one on using maps in journals. I began to realize how much I loved using maps for journal pages, wrapping paper, and creating new paths to old memories. Maps show us where we’ve been, what we still need to explore. Enjoy these sites and create the map to your own life.

You can get map wall paper and big mural maps, laminated or not, to decorate your space.

Want to build a personal map of your neighborhood, your childhood home, your running path? You can build it and share it here, at Community Walk.

With National Geographic’s Mannahatta Project you can see what Manhattan looked like before it was New York, before cabs and Wall Street. In the early 1600s, as Henry Hudson arrived, there were hickory trees and bears, elk and clean flowing water. The Lenape Indians called the island “Mannahatta” for “island of many hills.”  Click on the yellow circles to see then and now comparisons. Use the blue slider bar  on the right, below the island image to scroll back the years.

If you prefer to improve the subway, you can draw a new subway map using this New York blank.

Traveled a lot? Load all of your trips into LifeNaut, and it will arrange it in geographical order, with maps.

Fantasy Map Maker is a cartography site that encourages you to create your own fantasy maps. There are tutorials that fun and easy to follow, and the site was created by people who love maps.

You can join in on Theme Thursday: post three links to sites you love or blogs you follow. You can do it on your site or in comments here.

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—Quinn McDonald is a life- and certified creativity coach. She teaches people how to write and give presentations. She also  manages four journals that travel the world.

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