Theme Thursday #18: 9.24.09

Maps are fascinating. They help us figure out where we are and where we still have to go. They help us figure out what is happening near us and far away. They show us proportions, how high that mountain is, how low the sea.

Boston Ride, map by Bill Tipton,

Boston Ride, map by Bill Tipton,

Bill Tipton draws maps. An amazing amount of technical knowledge combines with artistic ability at Compartmaps. Here’s the really amazing thing: Bill told me he does custom maps. He also does photo-realistic technical drawings. But the maps are what intrigue me. That’s one of Bill Tipton’s maps on the left.

While I’m on the map theme: I occasionally get lost on the internet, and turn up someplace with no idea how I got there. Today I came across an orphan piece–a piece written two years ago with such yearning and hope that I became intrigued. Seanie Blue wrote a story of people who had no map of time or their lives. Blue hoped it would become a movie. The story is on his website, as is his hope to sell it. . . and then no updates, although he has posted often since then.

Ready to get back to writing your own novel? Chris Brogan will help you map what makes a story work.

Poems are a kind of emotional map using only words and the images they invoke. For a fresh poem every day, you can check in at Poetry Daily. Give yourself a treat before you start reading emails in the morning.

If you love typography–the way printed letters look on a page, watch this video of artist Richard Darill of Bit Rebels drawing a letter cascade with different typefaces. One of the best thrills on YouTube is watching artists draw. Here’s an artist drawing a picture of Betty Davis–with a mascara wand. Is this possible? Yes, it is. I tried it, and it works. I’m not a portrait artist, I stuck to a willow tree.

You can join in on Theme Thursday: post three links to sites you love or blogs you follow. You can do it on your site or in comments here.

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—Quinn McDonald is a life- and certified creativity coach. She teaches people how to write and give presentations. She also teaches people who can’t draw how to keep an art journal.

5 thoughts on “Theme Thursday #18: 9.24.09

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  2. I love maps! Of all kinds! So much so I wrote a post a while back about mapping nonfiction stories:

    I like Chris Brogan’s post too. I am not sure that writers spend enough time thinking about how to visually represent the structure of their developing story–I know I don’t. I find it very stimulating.

    Another great post; thanks, Quinn.

    –Liz 😉

  3. It would be wonderful to come to AZ for a visit! I’ll have some vacation time logged after the holidays. I agree, Twitter is great. Facebook has now lost its charm for me, post-college. I’m there, but I hardly participate. I’m also honored that you’ve read the now defunct blog. All posts except the latest one are mine. I’m bad at keeping up with that, too.

  4. Quinn,

    I look forward to reading your blog posts so much every day that I have the RSS feeds sent to my Blackberry. I thoroughly enjoy every post, especially the updates about AZ!

    Your niece,

    • Hi Haley! Wish you could visit and see the changing seasons yourself. We have a guest room, you know. I’m so honored that you have the RSS feed sent to your Blackberry! I read your boyfriend’s blog, but I’m bad keeping up with Facebook; I’m hooked on Twitter.

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