PowerPoint to Video, Just Like That

Yesterday, I blogged about improving PowerPoint presentations. One of the comments was by Zhenya Gospodinova who works for SmartSoft.  She told me about a product her company sells, and left a link.

A good idea grows on you.

A good idea grows on you.

I spiked the comment. I have too many people who leave random comments with their ads in them, and my post wasn’t about PowerPoint, it was about using PowerPoint.

To her credit, Zhenya was persistent in a good way. No name calling, or accusations, she apologized for advertising her company, and sent me a sample of the software, a PowerPoint to video converter. I’m a bit thick, but I am also curious. I couldn’t open the software, largely because I still write with a fountain pen and do not intuit the answer to questions like “how would you like to open this software?” The question came from my computer and while I said, “quickly, please,” I think it wanted me to choose one software to open another. That is beyond my pay grade.

Frequent poster, and coding language speaker Pete had it open in a flash. He liked it. But I was persistent in my skepticism.

“Why do I need to put my PowerPoint presentation on a video, Pete? So I can jerk around the fast forward button on a video? I don’t see that as an improvement,” I grumbled.

Pete is nothing if not patient. “With this software, you can send a PowerPoint presentation to someone who doesn’t have PowerPoint. You can post a PowerPoint to YouTube as a video, which makes it look professional and makes it easy to use.”

I suddenly remembered that my web host doesn’t support PowerPoint–“So I can create a PowerPoint and post it to my website?” I asked Pete, knowing that I could create slide shows of the traveling journals.

Pete assured me that I could convert a PowerPoint to video and post it to my website.  Then told me his favorite part–you can email a PowerPoint presentation on your cell phone and someone else can see it on their smartphone or other mobile device.

Now, if only I could figure out how to install it, I’d be a happy file user. Any tips, Zhenya? (If you’re still speaking to me, that is.)

NOTE: The program is for Windows only, which is disappointing, as I have a Mac, and not the big iMac, which has Windows as well.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and trainer in writing skills. She is no software genius, but she knows a good thing when she sees it