Theme Thursday #22: 10.22.09

For 22 weeks, Thursdays have been creative play date. Today is no exception. The winter holidays are coming up, and it might be time for you to consider gifts for others. Maybe you need to drop a few hints to others about what you want.

Botanica 2 bag from Greenward

Botanica 2 bag from Greenward

If you are going green for the holidays, take a look at Greenward’s shop. The brick-and-mortar store is in Cambridge, but the website is at the other end of that link.  There are felt wine racks, and well-designed kitchen tools in fresh colors, water bottles, even soaps.  I’m in love with their stationery. Customer service by owner Scott Walker is top notch, and shipping is prompt–I just placed my first order and was amazed at the personal level of service.

Quirkology is now on YouTube with their mix of fun science. The :59-second personality test is clever. The other videos are short, engaging and you’ll learn something useful. Use it as a break from shopping.

If you love your cat enough to want to provide a handmade piece of artwork that is both cat bed and scratching surface, check out Love that Cat. The cat furniture is more reasonably priced. Winter is coming, and if you don’t provide a bed for your cats, they will soon be sucking up your warmth. Here is a custom-designed catwalk that doesn’t involve models, but did require a home remodeling.

I’m a fan of the Duluth Trading Company. It sells impossible-to-wear-out clothing for men who ride in trucks, and the women who thump them on the head if they call them “little lady.” If you love hiking, working, or playing outdoors, check out their gear, like this vest. (Warning: if you are a girly girl, this isn’t your ideal site.)  They also stock clever items at reasonable prices. I’m a fan of the map case (for those of us who carry big loose sheets of raw-art journaling paper) and the LugBuddy, a simply device that straps baggage together. I use it to keep an overnight bag attached to the sissy bar of my motorcycle, or to hold together the equipment when I’m dragging in books and training materials on a hand truck.

You can join in on Theme Thursday: post three links to sites you love or blogs you follow. You can do it on your site or in comments here.

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