Theme Thursday #23: 10.29.09

Theme Thursday is about finding your way–through maps. I know I’ve done maps before, but I find them so fascinating–a way to help people see life in a way that helps them make sense in a personal way.

Hand-Drawn Maps is a website that celebrates maps of every kind.  They are curated in sets of 10, from expansive maps of imaginative places, to different takes on Philadelphia. Maps help bring the third dimension down to two in a ways that makes sense of both time, space and life.

Christine Mannix is an artist and cartographer. I found her name on a blog on maps– Cartophilia, –although I’ve been told she’s not the author. In any case, Cartophilia is unusual and interesting and varied and worth a look!

Many people have contributed their own hand-drawn maps to this UK site. It’s fun to click around on thumbnails and see completely different hand-drawn maps of vineyards and Venice and an odd look at the U.S.

John-a-Lookin’ Around journals about different places he sees on his walkabout. There are detailed sketches in his journal entries, creating a day-to-day map.

Urban Sketchers has a world-full of people who draw what they see. Sort of an Atlas of very focused pieces. This one is John Wooley, who is 10,  is on his way to seeing life very closely and very well.

Google has given mind-maps a try, well, in their own way. You can see your searches mapped out by category if you try the Google Wonder Wheel

You can join in on Theme Thursday: post three links to sites you love or blogs you follow. You can do it on your site or in comments here.

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