What Did You Leave Unsaid?

You know the feeling. You think of what you should have said hours after the opportunity is gone. Or you missed the chance to say “Thank you.” Or you should have said “Yes,” and you said, “No.”

Now you have a chance to say what you should have said. What you wanted to say. It’s another chance to get it right. Put it on a postcard–any size, any way–if the post office takes it, it counts. Sign it, keep it anonymous. It’s all up to you to get it right this time around.

Mail  postcard to:  P.O. Box 12183   Glendale  AZ  85318

Here is the first batch.

“Right Words” © Peg C.
Blank, anonymous
“Thank You” fabric on paper.©, A. Esqueda
Silence © Journey C.