Rainbow in the Desert

It doesn’t rain often, but when it does, it’s dramatic. This afternoon the sky turned charcoal gray, the mountains close to the house looked white instead of smokey brown, and a cold wind was followed by rain. Because it was late afternoon, the sun hit the drops just right and created a double rainbow.

The first one is easy enough to see, the second one looks like it is touching the street light closest to the front of the picture.

Rainbows in Phoenix

Quinn McDonald is a writer and artist who teaches business communication.

4 thoughts on “Rainbow in the Desert

  1. Fig trees, or merely bushes here do quite well thanks to our very mild sea climate. The little bit of (night)frost that we have doesn’t affect the figs and during the winters, in the daytime, we hardly go below zero anymore. The desertclimate is much more extreme with intense heat during the day and freezing cold during the night.

    • What an interesting climate you have–much milder than I thought. We live on the desert floor, so while we have big fluctuations (as much as 30 degrees F) in the winter, it seldom freezes. In the summer we get to 117 F but it doesn’t go much below 95F at night. So it’s hot and dry for months at a time. I’m amazed anything grows here on its own volition!

  2. How gorgeous! I can’t remember if I have ever seen a double rainbow.

    We are dealing with climate changes here in The Netherlands for the weather is still very warm and there are different kinds of birds here. They are bigger and begin to sing at 6 AM when it is still dark outside.. There are people who have palmtrees in their garden and olive trees and fig trees seem to do very well here.

    We start to renovate our garden the coming week but I still prefer the luscious green trees from this altitude, so no palmtrees and no olive trees for me but we will have two gingko biloba trees, they are to me the ultimate symbol of endurance and survival.

    • I’m amazed that you have palm tree, olives and figs. We have a fig tree and it won’t take even a hard freeze, much less cold and damp. Amazing, those figs. I’d love to have a gingko biloba, they are beautiful, but they don’t do well in our summers. I loved the double rainbow, too.

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