Do-Over Postcards

Lynn and Marguerite's do-over postcards

We’ve all done it–left something unsaid, said it wrong. This is your chance to get it right, say it better, say the right thing.

Say what needs to be said on a postcard and send it to:
QuinnCreative, P.O. Box 12183, Glendale AZ 85318

Won’t make you rich, but will make you feel better. At left: Lynn and Marguerite sent cards. Lynn’s says, “I create fine art. . . anything I create is fine with me!” Marguerite gets a hug for being brave. Life can be damn hard.

Quinn McDonald suggests you get it off your chest, shoulders and back: send a card with what you should have said to P.O. Box 12183, Glendale, AZ 85318. Write it down, send it off. If the post office takes it as a postcard, so will I.