Theme Thursday: #26 12.17.09

Theme Thursday is back. In the hectic week of holiday stress, relax with creative play. A new photography craze is to take a picture of a person while holding up a photo of a different person on currency. Sound confusing? Take a look at the Intense Zone for banknotes/ people and it will become obvious. And funny!

Creative Play fun dust left over from Theme Thursday. Or maybe it's Palo Verde pollen.

Ready for some eye candy? Check out Notebook Stories’ blog on Lynda Barry’s 2008 book, What It Is.  You’ll want to run out and buy it. My favorite sentence, “Can we remember something we can’t imagine?”

There is an association for journal writers. Of course there is. If you are interested in a community of journalers, prompts, journaling software, information and activity, the International Association of Journal Writers is your group. It costs $49 a year to join.

Bomomo let’s you doodle on your computer screen. I’m sure there is an explanation for how to do something specific, but I was having too much fun clicking choices and seeing what happens. It’s a great, colorful stress reducer. Prefer a little more direction? Have fun with Mr. Picassohead–choose hair, eyebrows, face shape,colors and more in a face you assemble. You can erase a step if it doesn’t match your mood.

Enjoy your creative play!

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—Quinn McDonald is a life- and certified creativity coach. She teaches people how to write and give presentations. She also wonders what you would like to say that you didn’t?

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