The Tears of Haiti

In the past two nights, I have dreamed that there were shadows hovering over my pool. They are thirsty. Amidst the death in Haiti, the mothers crying for their children, the fear, the pain, I keep thinking of the thirst. The same thirst that stalked New Orleans after Katrina. There is no clean water, the water stopped running when the earthquake ruptured the pipes. In a few days the stores will be empty of juice and soft drinks, bottled water, purchased or taken. I can’t get rid of the thought of the thirst. . .for water, for help, for comfort.

I can’t do anything to slake that thirst with my own hands. Oh, wait, I can. I can spread the word of organizations that are helping. Five dollars is not too little. No amount is too small.

The Episcopal Church Visual Arts organization is asking artists for help. Donate here:

The Huffington Post has a list of more than 100 organizations of every nationality, ethnicity, and stripe. Choose a way to help from that list.

The musician Wyclef Jean has an organization that is so easy to donate to: you text to a number and your phone account is billed $5.00

CERF, the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, sent me a note saying, “Our friends at Artist Trust in Seattle have put together this list of aid organizations helping in the relief efforts and this link to a New York Times article lists organizations providing aid.

We are all part of the same world. We all share the same breath. You can help. You can save a life. The Talmud says, “He who saves a single life, saves the world entire.” Save the world right now. You can.