New cutting tool for collage

Slicer as purchased.

It was a complete accident–but one of those good kinds that helps you in more ways than you imagined. I was flipping through an Edmund Scientific catalog and came across a tiny cutting blade. It was ceramic, would stay sharp much longer than steel ones, and could fit into tiny places.

The handle is long, the cap sturdy, and the slender handle makes it easy to use. It cuts out individual words in 6-point type. The picture of the open cutter shows a piece of paper less than half an inch long. Usually you need to cut the long cuts above and below the word first, then use a scissors to cut the ends, to avoid tearing the piece. Not with this cutter. You simply draw the blade around the word, and the word drops out.

Cleaner than scissors, faster than a utility knife, this cutter is perfect for collage. Reasonably priced (I bought two) and easy to pack for road trips (I’m guessing airline security would not love it), it’s going to be a staple in my tool box.

The slicer in use--that piece of paper is half an inch long.

-Quinn McDonald is an artist and writer. She is writing a book to be released in 2011, called “Raw Art Journaling–Making Meaning, Making Art.”