Postcard Swap

Lynn organized the postcard swap–a postcard in any medium, with a positive affirmation. How could I resist? So off I went to make five postcards. I’ve been fussing quite a bit with markers lately, and have decided that my medium of choice is collage. I love markers, and certainly use them–especially my Pitt pens and brushes. For versatility of expression, I prefer collage. I love finding words and colors that suit the card and playing around with the image. I’m sure the card would look tidier if I used rubber-stamp letters, but if I’m making a card, it’s going to have my hand-lettering on it, warts and all.

“The stars are always in the sky, but are visible only in the dark.” (left)   I like the red sky and towering dark canyons. We never feel lonelier than when our fear-closet opens at night, and this card shows the constellation of the hunter Orion. He’s been my companion and protector for a long time, so he was honored on this card. Acrylic paint, poster paint markers, ink on watercolor paper.

“Stand in your own light.” It’s the slogan of my coaching practice, because I see so many creative people standing in the shadows, or in the reflected light of people they think are more worthy. It’s time to come out of the shadow and stand in your own light. Ink, acrylic paint, Pitt pens and markers on watercolor paper.

“Celebrate Everything”  There are too many things to drag you down. Celebrate everything you can, whenever you can. The body of the candle says “Art as a second language.” I love that phrase, so it created the source of the candlelight. Ink, acrylic, paper, watercolor pencil, Pitt pen on watercolor paper.




“See the world with new ears.” (below, right) Life opens anew for us when we look, hear, feel, touch everyday with all our senses in different ways. There is so much to savor in a day. Page from music text, magazine paper, pencil, Pitt pen on watercolor paper.

“Woven life.” (below) I used a cantered piece of type as a background when I noticed the line of type that made a wonderful sentence–affirmative and strong.  “Trust that those who are unprotected have rights to basic sustenance.” It shows again that all our lives are interwoven. So I put a piece of weaving on the card as well. Paper, alcohol marker on watercolor paper.

–Quinn McDonald is a life- and certified creativity coach who also writes and creates art. © Quinn McDonald, 2010.