To-Don’t List

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We all have to-do lists. Just for today, I’m creating a To-Don’t list. Things I can let go of, not care about, not do. Ahhh, it feels better already.


—Spend all day doing laundry instead of enjoying last of the cool, sunshiny weather.

—Dust all the blinds after the last few days of wind and pollen.

—Drop by other people’s blogs, leaving my website and blogsite so I can get their readers over to my site.

—Answer that angry email with an angrier email. That’ll show ’em. Make ’em feel sorry, too.

—Tell my best friend what she should have done in that confrontation with her boss; advise (unasked) my spouse how to look better for that first meeting at work; fix my client’s need for attention.

—Find other people’s mistakes and point them out, along with my expertise in these matters. Maybe snag a few clients by showing off what I know. Really put myself out there.

—Start six new projects, but with no idea why or what they are supposed to be.

That’s my to-don’t list for today–things I want to walk away from and not get involved with. What’s on your To-Don’t list? Leave a comment.

14 thoughts on “To-Don’t List

  1. The #1 spot on my To-Don’t List this week is to NOT get discouraged or down on myself when there are no ‘hits’ to my social networking page or my blog. Kinda like your note re: leaving your blog to get readers over to it. This week my focus is to post as much of my fantasticly creative work as I can and want, and also to post the progress…in this way whenever I visit my pages, I can remind myself how far I’ve come, and how great it all looks!

  2. To Don’t List:

    – Sit in front of the computer and process photos instead of going out on this delightful sunny day (and maybe take a few more photos)

    – Drag out that really old to-do list that has been languishing in the back of the drawer because no one wants (or cares) to do what is on the list. That item — doing the OLD to-do list — was on my new to-do list; I’m crossing it off completely.

    – Spend time worrying whether or not I should make a certain phone call.

    Ahhhhhh — now that certainly feels a lot better. Thanks, Quinn.

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