Reality Time: Studio at Work

Workspace, complete with trash can, that will never make the magazines.

The artist’s desk is always neat and tidy, the room filled with sunlight. The first time I saw an article about an artist’s studio, I wondered how long she had been cleaning before the photography crew showed up. In the article, she said she liked to work in a clean space, and actually, she hadn’t cleaned more than usual and the photographers were respectful of keeping her place like it was. It was a fiction fantasy for me.

Not my life at all. But then again, no one has asked to come photograph my studio. Lucky for me, because it’s not getting neater anytime soon.

There are now at least three magazines that are dedicated to artist’s studios. I don’t get the point, but I’m not a good consumer anyway. My storage is more recycled and re-purposed than matching and coordinated. I know where things are. These shots just show the art desk. It doesn’t show the business desk, computer, bookcases. This is messy enough. But it’s mine and I’m happy to be in it.

Not getting neater any time soon.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and artist. She is also a life- and creativity coach who will never have a tidy desk or matching storage units. She’s OK with that, and respects your right to have matching gingham computer and printer cosies.