The Desperate Cowboy in Cave Creek

Just north of Phoenix, tucked around Black Mountain, are the towns of Cave Creek and Carefree, Arizona. (Yes, that Carefree of the Carefree Highway fame). As you round the corner from Cave Creek Road going North, you come across Buffalo Bill’s Desperate Cowboy shop. Filled with huge pots and vessels, cow skulls, and rusted metal sculptures, the store is a mix of art, craft, and kitsch. But it is unmistakable good fun, and I love picking up treasures from one of the sheds. Here’s a cross section of what you’ll find there:

A metal sculpture caballero, complete with patina'd copper sombrero.

This chicken looks stern, but surrounded by friends, he seems more friendly.

The chicken is at least 5 feet tall. Wonder how big the egg would be?

The pale pots were sitting in the shade, cooling. The center one has an inscription, but it's unreadable.

Outside the shed, 4-ft. tall pots bake in the sun.

This great mask would make a wonderful fountain.

On the roof of the main store, this horse waits to gallop off.

You can't miss the store's Old-West aura.

Quinn McDonald is a writer and certified creativity coach. All the photos were taken with her iPhone, because the best camera is the one you have ready to go.