Hummingbird Update: 5.28.10

The first egg hatched on May 24, the second egg hatched on May 26.

See first post, of nest and eggs.

You can see both chicks in the nest, below. Nest is made out of spiderwebs and will stretch as chicks grow. It takes about 10 days for them to regulate their own temperature. At  three-four weeks they are ready to fledge. Mom feeds them every 15-20 minutes.

Two hummingbirds in one nest. Bird on right is 2 days older.

Close-up of just-hatched babies. One on right is four days old. One on left is two days old.

To get an idea of how small they are, compare the eggs, below. Orange container holds a chicken egg. Blue container holds a Mexican dove egg. Pink container holds a hummingbird egg. The egg shell was almost all there when I picked it up, but is so frail that the breeze broke it in my fingers. Tiny egg, tiny babies!

Egg-size comparison: hummingbird egg on top, Mexican dove on left, chicken egg on right.

My only real fear is that the nest is in our fig tree, and the figs will be ripe before the chicks fledge. I’m concerned about crows, grackles and starlings, all of which eat hummingbird eggs and chicks.