Stars in Your Eyes

Tonight the waxing moon rose in the hot black sky while there was still a ring of turquoise in the West. These mid-summer nights have a way of staying hot past midnight. I let the cats out and stood looking up at the stars. I noticed that the part of my body closest to the house could feel the heat radiating from the bricks. My face was hot until I turned it up to look at the stars. Then I could feel a cool settle over my upturned face. For a moment, it was the most special event of the day.

Often, we aren’t in touch with the natural world around us, and we don’t feel the importance of the connection between our hearts and nature.  Grab your journal and write about your connections. To people. To summer. To the heat. Do you notice where the sun is when it rises? How at this time of the year it is in the Northeast, but starts to move more to the East as the summer burns on? How many stars can you see in your night sky? When was the last time you were out at night and not walking toward your car?


Quinn McDonald is a writer and certified creativity coach. She keeps a nature journal, even in summer.

2 thoughts on “Stars in Your Eyes

  1. I love the thought of you turning your face to the cool(er) night air. And that being one of the best parts of your day.

    I frequently find mini-moments in the natural world throughout my day (and night) but think many people never notice. In nature, it’s often the little things that are so worth noticing. And easy to pass by.

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