Muse-Swap Results #1

The muse swap has gone through the full moon and the  muses started showing up last night with their journals. Not all of them are back yet, so if you still have yours, please send her to the studio soon. They might have spent 10 days working, but they also had a lot of fun, and these muses can EAT!

Take some time and enjoy the reports from people who swapped muses.

Water Lilies © Bo Mackison, on her Seeded Earth blog. A link is on the right.

Maddie’s muse was a slave driver and Bo’s did nothing but giggle. It seemed logical. Turns out that Giggles had a lot to say when she got started. You can read Maddie’s report here–don’t miss the part about the laughing goat. That’s right, goat, not cow. No cheesy report for Maddie!

Maddie’s muse was busy at Bo’s photography studio. Her slave-driving tendencies went into a whole different mode. She spent days at various arboretums, holding flowers for Bo to see in a new way. The image on the left is from a series Bo took of water lilies. Bo is currently working with a Dahlia named “Esther” –don’t miss those amazing photos at Bo’s blog, Seeded Earth.

Deborah G/ Pete
Pete didn’t think he had a muse, and Deborah’s flogged her relentlessly to learn more, do more, and pay attention to Photoshop perfection. Deb wanted to try something new. Turns out Pete does have a muse, and her name is Stella. Deb worked with Stella, and then the full moon came along. . . . Well, you can see the results as a video on Deborah’s site, Paper ‘n’ Soul.

Meanwhile, Pete, who is amazingly creative in many ways, sat Deborah’s muse down and had a talk with her. Pete can draw, but he has trouble feeling like an artist because he lives in his head. I’ve seen parts of Pete’s creative mind, I’ve had lunch with Pete’s creative mind. . .here’s an example of something he found–people who made up stories about objects they placed for sale on ebay, to see if the value increased with storytelling. I have no idea how Pete found it, but I’m glad he sent it to me.

Carol/Carina Carol over at Swallowcliff has a muse that’s lazy, so she got to spend time with the ADD-muse of Carina. Carol decided to get her out of Swallowcliff and take her on a road trip. That must have been incredible. Carol mentioned some new art supplies–a set of Cafe sharpies that I immediately began to covet. C’s muse revealed nothing to me, so I’m waiting till she goes to sleep tonight.

Meanwhile, Carina of frostgiantpostcardstudios.  took her muse off to a journal-making class. Here’s Carina’s report:

Carol’s muse has been dragging her feet about leaving, she wanted to meet my Art Camp buddies on Sunday. Finally I convinced/enticed her to head on out by telling her about Carol’s new art supplies. I hope it wasn’t supposed to be a surprise.
Fortunately, unlike my muse Carol’s did not sign me up for any yahoo internet swaps and she was pretty quiet on the 7 plus hour ride up to Cleveland, but afterwards she was really jazzed, a total chatterbox. Carol’s muse adored Tracy Moore’s laid back teaching style and reveled in the fact there were 3 class days to work on projects. (We went to a Small Studio Productions Workshop)
I think Carol’s muse is a natural traveler. While I do not have any sort of a navigation system in my vehicle because of my better than average sense of direction, everything was incredibly easy to find this trip with the help of Carol’s muse. Carol needs to know about that talent, if she doesn’t already.

Kate/Debbie Kate’s muse just thinks and Debbie’s muse is not a morning muse, although Debbie is a morning person.

Kate working with Debbie's muse.

Debbie’s muse is also an aficionada of the local farmer’s market scene, and has a taste for cherries.  An interesting mix, I thought. Kate was pretty mum about the experience, but sent a lot of art work, which I found fascinating the more I looked at it.

Kate’s muse was stuck thinking, but Debbie didn’t let that go on for too long. Debbie is an expert in collaborative work, and set about finding ways to get Olivia (Kate’s muse) out of her head and into action. You can read the whole story on Debbie’s blog (and see an adorable photo of her snoozing cat, who was not interested in staying in action.)

Lynn/Quinn Lynn said her muse was lazy, so I decided to swap her with my busy, but

Lynn's muse made this great postcard showing "morning, noon, and sunset" using cut up watercolor papers.

non-productive muse. I really love Lynn’s muse, who loves to play. She taught me to not look for an answer all the time, but to just let things happen. She did a great watercolor postcard, then another, which she cut up and combined to make a wonderful postcard to send to Lynn. Oh, and the calm, easy must taught me how to use exclamation points! I don’t like using them, but that an a sparkly gel pen (so unlike me!) is really fun.