Collage: Street Team Challenge

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Michelle Ward  at GPP Street Team runs a monthly challenge for creatives. I don’t want to limit it to art journalers or artists, because the contest is always open to interpretation. The contest is always interesting, just enough challenge to make it irresistible and enough left to the imagination to make it intriguing.

This month’s challenge was to rip lines of text from a magazine and create a collage. The alternative was to create a collage background.

I wanted to create a word collage, something I haven’t done in a while and love doing. The background needed to be related, but not distracting. While cleaning out some files, I noticed that a lot of envelopes are printed with security patterns–small patterns in green, gray or blue that keeps prying eyes from seeing what’s in the envelope. I loved that these patterns had such variety. I tore them in strips and pasted them down with Golden’s gel.

The background uses security envelopes to create color and pattern.

The magazine I used was a New York Times magazine from several months ago. The table of contents used interesting numbers written in an elaborate calligraphic hand. Seeing only the numbers of different sizes, I saw ages instead of pages. Using the numbers, I searched the magazine for thoughts or events that might happen during a lifetime and pasted them next to the age appropriate for that thought.  Below the image are some of the words that may be too small to read.

Inner Beauty/Outer Space © Quinn McDonald, 2010 All rights reserved.

The words create a path through a life. Holding the idea that inner beauty is important doesn’t mean that the rest of the world want to agree to that idea every moment. We live in judgment–our own, others,–all the time. The idea of a life lived without fear and sadness exists only in the vacuum of outer space.

Title: Inner Beauty/ Outer Space (The Lives They Lived)

17. . . Simple Truth: It’s important not to be gifted.

22 . . .She wrote songs about being crazy in love.

28 . . . Women who want to want.

32. . And independent woman, she married but that wasn’t enough

36. . . They lived apart isolated by circumstances and by choice.

38. . .Seeing inside, she got beneath the surface of people–and things

42. . .The price of success is less than you think.

49. . . She taught others how to listen to the unspeakable.

52. . .The police can be so literal. They should read more Kafka.

-Quinn McDonald is a raw-art journaler. Her book, Raw Art Journaling, Making Meaning, Making Art will be published by North Light Books in June, 2011.


23 thoughts on “Collage: Street Team Challenge

  1. Somehow I never thought to use numbers! This is a wonderful take on a time line… wonder what 65 would say! (I guess that’s for me to answer, isn’t it.)

  2. Love the security envelopes too, wish there were more fun patterns in my paper stash. And oh, love your idea with numbers as age, and matching it with sayings. Great work!

    Take care and cruise on girl!

    /fellow crusader

  3. I think due to recession our envelopes don’t have the beautiful inside they used to have. When I now come accros one I cherish it. Love your page and all the deep reflections that you shared with all the crusaders.

  4. Love the messages – I am heading towards teaching others…
    Thanks for sharing your page with everyone, I bet there’s a few people looking at envelopes in a whole new light now.

  5. me again, thank you for the compliment and observation that the challenges i present are irresistible, with enough wiggle room to make it your own. i appreciate that you see it that way.

    • I see it that way–you present a challenge, and then because so many participate, we can all learn. I try to look and leave a comment on them all, because that makes it more fun to continue. It’s really great that you do this.

  6. Quinn – thanks for sharing your take on this challenge. Love that you were drawn to the numbers (I can see why, super cool!) and let that inspire the storytelling through additional findings of words and phrases. Even more interesting – that you reveal a journey through a timeline on top of security linings….like the envelope is opened and we see inside 🙂

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