Creativity Coaching: What I’m Asked Most Often

Happiness is a benefit of creativity. Acrylic on paper, © Quinn McDonald

Of all the things I do–art, write, run training programs, the one I’m asked about most often is creativity coach. Here are answers most people want to know:

Q  Do you teach people how to be creative?
A. Nope, you are already creative. I just make you less afraid of your own creativity. Or how to get in touch with your existing creativity that may be buried.

Q: Do you help artists or writers or dancers?
A. Yes, I help all kinds of artists. But creativity isn’t just about arts, it’s also about being a creative leader or employee, or parent.

Q: Are you an artist yourself?
A. Yes, I’m a Raw Art Journaler, a writer, and I teach business writing. I’m really an every-day creative person–a problem solver and dreamer–both day- and night.

Q: Did you go to school for creativity coaching?
A. I did. After I went to school for life coaching, 186 hours worth and graduated, I opened my practice in 2003. Most of my clients were creatives, so I  took another half-year of creativity coaching classes and was the first creativity coach certified in the U.S.

Q: Why do your clients come to you?
A. Generally because they are stuck. They might be confused about their talent, or not have enough time to create, or have too many ideas at once. Sometimes they are conflicted between their creative work and day job, want to create but are afraid to sell their work. Or they get confused between selling their work and satisfying their own creative calling.

Q. Are you a therapist?
A. No. I am neither a therapist not an art therapist. The difference is fairly simple: therapists start from the clients need to be “fixed,” often stemming from past events. Coaches look ahead. My coaching foundation also believes that people who come to me for coaching are creative, resourceful and whole. I don’t “fix” anybody. People don’t need fixing, they may need to find their path or have company climbing their path. But they aren’t broken.

Q: Do you have a coaching office?
A. Coaching is done on the phone. That’s how I was trained and it works really well. I have clients in Europe and all over the U.S. No travel, no parking, just a phone call and we can get work done.

Q: What’s a coaching session like?
A. In the first or second session, when we are defining the relationship, I ask the client what his or her goals are. Once we set goals, we see what the obstacles and gifts are on the path and the client develops a path to the goals. My role is to ask questions to clarify and to toss out ideas that the client is free to follow, discard or change. There is almost always homework–small steps to work on between calls. Sometimes I ask powerful questions for the client to think about between sessions.

Would you like to try coaching? For the first 10  people who contact me via email at Quinn [at] QuinnCreative [dot] com, I’ll provide a free sample session of creativity coaching. No obligation. No pressure. Just one free session of coaching. The offer expires on September 18, 2010. Read more about coaching.