Journal Page Frame

Framing a page in an art journal is a good way to highlight a poem or quote. You can also use a smaller frame for a pull quote (sure you can use them on your handwritten page), or an illustration.

This didn’t start out as a frame, it started out with my usual, “Huh, I wonder if. . . ” Having trimmed the edges off an ancient pile of tractor-feed paper (an old printer hooked to a computer), I was looking at the interesting slots in the paper. Where there are slots, there is a way to fill them.

Paper stitching on left, thread on top and right make a great journal border.

I cut a thin strip of paper and weaved it through the holes. This was slow going, as cutting an even, thin strip wasn’t that enticing. So I picked up a tapestry needle and thread, and sewed through two more pieces. It looked very stark, so I re-threaded the needle with gray threat and stitched back the other way. Of course, you can also draw this and make it look like a frame, but I like the thread/paper effect.

I finished it by cutting one edge with a wavy-cut, using a small box cutter, then gluing the two different pieces onto a journal page. Now to put something on the page. . .

Quinn McDonald is a writer who keeps a raw-art journal.