The Rescue Journal: Diana Trout Class

At Journalfest last week,  (Oct. 28-30, 2010) I took a journal-making class from Diana Trout. If you know her book, Journal Spilling, you’ll want to take a class from her. She loves books. She loves journaling. She loves painting, and it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes–in fact, in our class, she said there were no mistakes, just things to change. Her easy manner and depth of knowledge made exploring possibilities wonderful. There were many possibilities–new book spines, endpapers, bookmarks, ways of closing the book.

Old embossed book cover spruced up with Sakura metallic gel pens.

We made rescue journals–using the covers from old abandoned books and putting new pages in them. Each person created an entirely different book.The book I brought was in German with a very tired cover. Using a gold Sakura gel pen, I gave the worn-out embossing on the cover a new look.

Monsoon paper page with circle cut outs. Notice cut on edge.

We used pages of various papers and sizes. Here, monsoon papers make a return into the journal. I could use the papers even though I had cut two circles out of them because I could fold the paper, creating a surprise.

Washi paper tape, original pages from the book, wallpaper strips are all fair game in the book

Diana had brought washi paper tape for us to use. Here I combined the original end paper from the book with similarly-colored washi tape. The paper closest to the spine of the book is lifted up to show the space for private journaling.

Wallpaper on the left, monsoon papers on the right add variety.

I loved the soft neutral tones of wallpaper on the left, contrasting with brighter monsoon papers on the right. The middle page will be great for journaling and maybe a watercolor sketch.

Thanks, Diana, for a great class!

-Quinn McDonald is a writer, creativity coach and artist. She’s just beginning to get a start on making more journals!