Sharpening the Saw, Dremel Style

Today I’m off to Tucson to take a Dremel tool class. It sounds odd that someone who spends most of her time working with art journaling would need to wield a tool most often known for cutting, sanding, and drilling. But there is the creative curiosity thing–“what happens if?”

Dremel tool and attachments for drilling, sanding, building.Constant learning is a big part of a creative life. The spirit needs to be honed, tempered, and set to rest. This class is the honing part. To stay creative, sharp, alive, I need to learn new things, and how to work out new ideas with old tools.

The Dremel tool class seemed like a wonderful starting place. It will give me new ways to look at journaling, new answers to the question, “What is a journal?” Where are the boundaries of the thing that catches your thoughts and helps you discover yourself? If self-exploration is deep, limitless and expansive, shouldn’t the vessel that holds those thoughts be all those things, too?

Tell me about a journal you used that filled you with joy. I’ll catch up with you when I get back from class. Read the review of Jill Timm’s Dremel class.

Quinn McDonald is a writer and creativity coach.