Holiday Cards

Yep, holiday cards.  Not Christmas. If I’m making the cards, they have to cover Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Chanukkah, Kwanza, and Solstice and be OK to send to my Buddhist, atheist and Islamic friends. It would have been easier, I guess, to make friends only among my religion. But I didn’t. I don’t weed ’em out that way. So, what design for the cards? Lucky for me, my Australian friends are visiting the Northern Hemisphere, so I can make winter cards and still be inclusive. This is not the battle about “Merry Christmas” v. “Happy Holidays,” I’ve covered that before. This is about the cards I’ll be making this year.

I have to have the ability to make them, and make them in quantity, without too much drying time, or too much detail. It’s easy to get caught up in detail and make three perfect ones, when I need a lot more than that.

Then there is the problem about production work. I can’t do it. I want to make each one a little different, just to please my creative heart. I could just go out and buy some. It’s less work. But I want to make them. So, I think I’ll make these:

Snow cards, adaptable and festive. Photography by Jessica Marcotte.