New Art Journaling Classes in the West Valley

This January, treat yourself (or a friend) to an art journaling class, whether you’ve done it before or never thought of doing it. The holidays will be over and journaling is a fine practice to start the new year that honors your creativity and the need to explore your life’s path, too.

I’m teaching an exciting new classes in four sessions at the West Valley Arts Center in Surprise (AZ).  Because I’m also a Certified Creativity Coach, there will be coaching as part of the classes. Registration details are below, but let’s look at what you’ll  have fun doing!

January 12, 2011 10 am to noon: Oh The Possibilities!

  • What’s a journal, really?
  • You can buy, you can make, you can alter, you can explore!
  • Making room in your life for art and words
  • Getting over fear and getting started (Yes, you are going to be making pages right away!)
  • Developing a practice of words and art

January 19, 2011 10am to noon: Getting Messy

  • Create a pamphlet journal
  • Using collage in a journal
  • Solving sticky problems
  • Show and tell

January 26, 2011: 10am to noon. The Haunted Perfectionist

  • Making mistakes, fixing mistakes
  • Exploring paint and gesso: acrylics, watercolor, inks
  • Using different wet media in a journal
  • Show and tell

February 2, 2011: 10 am to noon: Adding Pages Everywhere

  • Designing and using an accordion journal
  • Making meaning, making art
  • Adding and removing pages in any journal
  • Stand-alone and add-in accordion journal
  • Show and tell

Details you’ll need to know to take the course. (There is a short supply list and no supply fee. Ask when you register.)

Where: West Valley Arts Council
13243 N. Founders Park
Surprise, AZ 85379

Price: $75 for all 4 classes, $65 if you are an Arts Council member.

Questions? Feel free to ask me in the comments, or email me at QuinnCreative [at] yahoo [dot] com