Fence Perspective

When we see the world, we see it our way. When someone else tells us what they see, and we don’t understand it, we assume they are wrong. We trust what we see. “I know what I saw” we say, and we are sure. It is the Truth, with a capital T.

That’s how most of my clients see the world.  I don’t. I think we see what we want to see and disregard the rest. So it was fun to see this fence. Coming up on it, I saw that one of the verticals had been severely bent.

You can see the bent fence in the front third of the photo.

Yep, anyone would see that. Then I stood in front of the fence, and saw that the fence was pried apart. Yep, the Truth: the fence is damaged.

Big enough for a few javalinas to squeeze through.

Then I walked past the bent piece, and turned around and . . . the fence looked fine. It was the perspective of course. And the same as our own. We see what we think is “real” and that creates our reality.

Fence from the other end, looking back at the invisible damage.

Looking back, the damage vanishes. The fence seems fine. It just depends on what your perspective is. And that’s the Truth.

Quinn McDonald is a writer and a life coach.