1,000 Posts, Still Writing

After four years of blogging, about half a million words, this is blog post 1,000. What do I say now? Thank you. To the people who subscribe, read, comment, and introduce themselves. To the people I have never met, but would like to have

Watch the lunar eclipse on December 20. It's magical. "December Eclipse" by Quinn McDonald, paper, acryclic paint, photograph on vellum. © 2010

coffee with. To the people I met online and who are now such an important part of my life. To the people who gave me ideas, and who wrote back when I gave them one and they wanted to show me how it turned out.

To artists who shared their work and told me to write a book. To clients who showed up, having read my blog. To students who asked me what I was teaching next and made me make myself invent it.

So here’s to invention and re-invention. And to my martial arts teacher, who, years ago, was impatient with my Western ways. When I asked him how long it would take to earn a black belt, he said, “At least four years.”
I was shocked. “Four years! Why, I’ll be 37 then!”
He looked at me blankly. “You will be 37 anyway, ” he said. And he was right.

Quinn McDonald is a writer and artist. Her book, Raw Art Journaling, will be published by North Light books in 2011.