Taming that Inner Critic

OK, yes, I’ve done a lot of posts about what to do with the inner critic, also called the gremlin, lizard, or reptilian brain. But Rita Ackerman of Tattered Past showed me the best idea yet.

Here's the inner critic, mouth open, criticizing.

She created the inner critic as a stuffed beast, with different eyes and stitched scowling eyebrows. He’s a mess, and he wants you to feel like a mess, too.

You don't have to listen. Zip his mouth shut.

So Rita gave him a zipper mouth. Your inner critic berating you? Zip his mouth shut and toss him aside. Need to hear if he has anything worthwhile? Unzip his mouth and listen. Then zip it shut when he’s annoying.

The beasts are about six inches high and come in different materials. She sells them on her Etsy site, Tattered Past.

--Quinn McDonald is a life- and creativity coach. She works with people around the world who are stuck in creative projects, or just stuck in life, not able to leave the past behind or feel joy in the present.

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9 responses to “Taming that Inner Critic

  1. This was really a great idea of Rita’s. Sometimes we all need to hush that inner critic.

  2. I am ready to begin editing a 300 page novel on Monday. Luckily I have one of Rita’s “Inner Critics” on my desk. Mouth zipped :)

    Best purchase of 2010!

  3. Quinn, You are always such a delight. Thank you for spreading the word about my Inner Critics. Now, back to the sewing machine.


  4. The zipper. That’s what makes this so great. Love the zipper. Open. Shut. Open. Shut!!

  5. Lauren Miranda Gilbert

    Oh…. this is just wonderful. Must have (for those really bad days when she just won’t keep her views to herself).
    Thank you!

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