35mm Slide Accorion Journal

When you make your own journal, you have an endless sense of possibility–you can work in different sizes, one palette or many, write a story or use quotes. That’s the joy of journaling–it’s definitely not the diary you kept in middle school.

Accordion folder made from 35 mm slide casing. © Quinn McDonald, 2010.

For “Zen Garden,”  this small accordion journal, I used cardboard 35 mm slide mounts. They are charmingly old-school, from a time you used a bulky camera, exposed slide film, then sent your film to be processed at a camera store. The developed film was inserted into cardboard mounts and sealed. Later, they used plastic, and for a while, glass. But these are cardboard.

First two pages of the slide-case accorion book. © Quinn McDonald

I pried each one open, removed the old film, and cut inserts from a catalog. I added some words. The joy was that the images might have come from a linen print or a portion of something larger. I then repeated the process on the back (not shown here) and the small accordion journal pages were completed.

View of the entire folder.

I hinged them with artists’ tape to keep the rustic cardboard look complete. Depending on the content, you could use washi or bookbinding tape as well. The instructions for assembling the slide is printed on each slide. I left those in place, although you could gesso and paint each slide.

I’ve started several others made with printed transparencies, tinted vellum and foil. Some were holiday cards, some just inspiration. Each creates a remarkably different effect.

–Quinn McDonald is a journal artist who experiments with size and scale, words and images. ©2010 All rights reserved.

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