Cool Tools for 2011

Some tools are ancient and will work forever. The yellow #2 pencil is one of those. Easy to use, lasts forever, inexpensive. You know where to get lots of them.

Paint your own dry erase wall.

Here’s a tool that’s both modern and easy to use–you love white boards, right? Those easy-to-write-on, easy-to-erase boards are practical, easy to maintain, and . . .well, wonderful. Now there’s a paint that will make any flat, smooth surface into a white board. Paint the back of your pantry door and keep a grocery list, paint a wall of your office and create mind maps. Dick Blick, the art supply store, sells the paint. It’s non-toxic, covers 50 square feet per can, comes in white and four other neutral colors and has a five-year warranty.

If you like dry-erase board, they also come in clear, making it easy to trace what you need to show. Take a look at the Plexi-glass dry erase board at Dick Blick.

A roll of rulers that are removable and repositionable.

Artists and desk-jockeys always need rulers. Here’s a roll of rulers that are tape. The 25-ft. roll has 12-inch rulers that are removable and reusable. Put it on your desk, use it in your journal. Then pull it off and discard it. Or, leave it in place as a graphic element. Available at Bonnie’s Best.

Re-binder is a company that makes 3-ring binders out of recycled materials–cardboard, chipboard and cloth-covered chipboard. They have a spare eco-look. I’m in love with the 7 x 9 inch binder. The cover could be collaged or painted and the binder turned into a wonderful journal. At $6.99, it’s a reasonable price for a journal that’s ready to be altered.

What are your new favorite tools for your work, play, or studio?