Mystery Box Project

The mystery box came with an cosmetic purchase. Brown corrugated cardboard, it held a bottle of aromatherapy spray. After I extracted the bottle from the box, I noticed the box had perforated corners that could be pushed in to change the shape of the box completely. I think the original purpose was to allow one box hold two different size bottles.

To me, once I pushed the corners in, the box took on a mysterious look–it had nooks and spaces–places to hold small books. Maybe a flip book, or one of those books made of triangles. Maybe an accordion book that has reverse folds on the pages.¬† But first there as a lot of work to be done.

Planning stage: sketches from my journal. Click on image for larger view.

The box itself needed to be transformed, covered. Cardboard has a certain rustic charm, but the corrugations were a little tired, and needed to be covered. I started by painting the entire box with a coat of gesso–the artist’s equivalent of spackle. Gesso is a thick white paint meant to be used as an undercoat. So far, that’s all that’s been done. I made a few sketches¬† in my journal to think through the possibilities. It’s helpful to think and draw at the same time. That’s the sketch, above.

In the next few days, I’ll transform the box and post the results here. I’m also making a video of the transformation. It’s my first video, so I’m not promising I’ll post it. If I can edit it into something decent, I will. Meanwhile, stay tune for the photos and words.

And if you have any suggestions on a theme or how I could transform it, well, that’s what the comments are for–let me know.

Quinn McDonald is a writer, artist and coach who will turn anything into a journal.