Repurposed Book as Journal, Part II

Last week, I tore the covers off a book and used them as postcards. Then I used the book as a 3-D journal. Or at least I started it. I promised an update, and here it is. I wanted to used this folded-page book as an ephemera journal–a place to store some pretty visuals so I could see them. This might include some pieces you can’t normally (easily) put in a journal–like the big key.

Click on any image for a much larger view. I finally figured out how to make that happen.

Side view showing the stand I made for the journal

For the base, I used about 75 pages of the original book, cut off with a craft knife. I glued the pages together randomly (every 3 to 5 pages) and put them in a book press to create a nice hard stack. I then used pages from a larger book and wrapped the book block like a present, gluing it firmly into place. I deliberately used a lighter paper to create contrast. Then I applied glue to the first and last pages of the folded sheets and glued those onto the wrapped book block.

Click for larger view. You can see two feathers and some ribbons connected to fun items.

From the front, you can see there is a lot of room left to add emphemera. There are two feathers–one is large enough to be tucked in on its own, the other is glued to a small tag. The thread holds the tag to the piece, but allows flexibility of movement.

Postcard reminders and ticket stubs are exchangable. Click to see a bigger view.

The advantage to this journal is that it is flexible. When I want different affirmations or postcards, or have had enough of feathers, I can move them to different places, hide them in between the pages or put them in another journal and use new pieces here. It’s a great way to look at new pieces and decide what to do with them.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and creativity coach. She has an unending love of journals of any sort.

4 thoughts on “Repurposed Book as Journal, Part II

  1. I think I may have to do one of these. It will be a great way to display the postcards I receive from Postcrossing! I”ve been trying to find something that would work for all of the different sizes of postcards I receive and this would be perfect!

    Oh, I love when the idea light bulb shines brightly rather than just a flicker!!

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