This Is The World As I Found It

Image of weird world from Cosmos Magazine.

Occasionally, when I read the paper, I come across random paragraphs that mosaic-ed together make an odd view of the world. Here’s today’s example, taken from various places in the New York Times Magazine, April 3, 2011

From an interview with Laura Bush, p. 16:
“Favorite Democrat: Hillary Clinton. She and I have  lot of the same interests in helping women around the world. I am still in touch with her, and periodically our staffs talk.” [Italics mine.]

From An Interview With a Skateboarder and his girlfriend,  p. 22:
“We were just messing around, and the person that lighted my shirt on fire felt really bad. I knew it was bad; I had no idea of how bad.” [Italics mine.] The skateboarder suffered third-degree burns on his chest and back.

From “Lives,” the last page of the NY Times Magazine, p. 62: Samantha Hunt is describing the birth of her twins.
“On the day of the twins’ birth, there arrived a terribly odd, unanticipated moment as one baby was born, the other not yet. . . .It was in this moment that the anesthesiologist, a man whose presence was like that of a beige spot on a taupe wall to me, held his glowing smartphone in front of my eyes.
Slowly, barely, I recognized a search results page, and though it took a moment–I was floating through the cosmos–I recognized something else. My name.
‘Is that you?’ he asked.
He had Googled me while I was giving birth. He was pointing to an interview I gave after writing a book. . .
‘If you want to send me a free copy of your book, you can just mail it to the hospital,’ he said.”

And that, blog readers, is the world the way I found it.

Image: from Cosmos Magazine.