Journaling Prompts Under my Feet

Sometimes I see the world differently, but sometimes, I swear when I do my morning walking meditation, I walk through an alternative dimension. You may remember the alien journaling on the street. This morning I discovered several perfect places to journal on the street. Lacking a pen that writes on the street, I photographed the places myself.

This was the first one to show up. Wonderful spaces to write in–all nicely divided and colored in as a background. I was pleased. It’s almost a flow chart from left to right.

But the next one was the most amazing. If my walk weren’t random, I’d swear someone was setting me up. How’s this for a ready-made journal page:

Photograph © Quinn McDonald, All rights reserved, 2011

I love the two perfect tag outlines. Even better is the line beneath and then space for more explanation. Print it out on a transparency, write in the tags on another transparency and you have a clever overlay. Write something on the page beneath, and you can have a seriously interesting design page.

You’ve seen kids’ writing in chalk all over the sidewalk, I’m sure. But never one that looked like this, or had this message. I am sure the flower is a lotus. The rest just makes the perfect meditation message, doesn’t it?

© Quinn McDonald. All rights reserved, 20ll.

Can’t wait to see what shows up on my next morning walking meditation–I anticipate nothing, and welcome everything.

Quinn McDonald is a raw-art journaler whose book, Raw Art Journaling, Making Meaning, Making Art is coming out in July, 2011. It is published by North Light Books.