New Postcard Journaling Class

Postcards are interesting and versatile. They are fun to make, because you have full access to them. Unlike bound journals, you can turn a postcard and keep it flat. You can use one side for writing and the other for the design. You can make them in themes (travel, books read, nature) or for days or time periods (visits, vacations, holidays). They can be sent (to yourself or to others), traded, shared. All in all, a flexible and satisfying art medium.

I’m going to make this my next in-person class. It makes a good 2- or 3-hour class, and if we add foil, fabric, and sewn cards, along with a container, it can be an all-day class.

If you want the class taught to your art group, calligraphy group, art journaling group (yes, you can gather postcards into an art journal) or book club, please get in touch at QuinnCreative [at] Yahoo [dot] com. I travel easily, and the supply list is short, making it a practical class to offer.

I’d prefer to teach the class in person before I do it online. I find that in-person classes allow for more personal work, allow me to be a creativity coach as well as an art workshop facilitator, answer questions, and offer encouragement. Eventually, I will do it online, but it needs to be an in-person class first.

Get in touch and let me know what you think! Or call me to get pricing for a group rate or class. Classes can be varied for the age or ability, and work well for creative writing classes in school, book groups, and corporate retreats. Get in touch: QuinnCreative [at] Yahoo [dot] com.