Art Heals–Jenny Doh’s New Book

Jenny Doh's book is available at You'll have to look inside there--the click part doesn't work if you swiped the cover from amazon like I did.

Jenny Doh was my editor for years when she was the publishing director at Stampington. (I write the Business of Art column for Somerset Studio magazine.)  She left Stampington and set up a zillion-faceted website and blog, Crecendoh.  She shares creative projects, coaching, life’s joys and information. (Full disclosure: I am one of the coaches writing at her blog.)   On her blog, Jenny started a feature called Art Saves–stories of how creating art saved a life, a heart, a soul, a unique vision. She has turned these stories into a book, Art Saves,  where you will find inspiring lessons and stories from 20 master artists who share the unique circumstances and experiences that brought them to art and how they have used their talents and passions to elevate and infuse their lives with beauty and meaning, helping themselves and those around them.

From mixed-media, to crochet, photography, digital collage, lettering arts, jewelry, art quilting and more, the contributing artists not only share techniques and step-by-step projects, but also the lessons they have learned and the challenges they have conquered. The projects, range from prayer flags to wall hangings, mixed media collages and creative photography. Jenny is no slouch in finding talented artists!

Through creativity, we not only find happiness, we also find meaning, hope and connection to ourselves and others.  In Art Saves, you’ll be walked through several projects and you’ll also see how – through art – you can connect to a deeper part of yourself, escape from the pressures of daily life and connect with those in need.

Quinn McDonald is a writer and certified creativity coach. Her book Raw Art Journaling, will be out in mid-July 2011, published by North Light books.

6 thoughts on “Art Heals–Jenny Doh’s New Book

  1. Wonderful site! Would love to make everything. Was trying to find the “prayer flags” but couldn’t. Can you tell me what posting date it’s on?

    • Jenny’s site is amazing–just filled with content, classes, inspiration—I don’t know offhand where the prayer flags are, but there is a search button on the left hand nav. bar. You can try there.

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