Pen Review: JetPen Spica and a Giveaway


PEN WINNERS: Congratulations to Marianna of RedDancerStudio; Jamie of MyPurpleDoorStudios, and SimplyTrece for winning the pen giveaway! Winners have been emailed, and I’m waiting for their addresses to send the pens out.

Thanks to everyone who entered–especially those who left clever notes. I’m still working my way through, visiting all your blogs. Amazing work!  Here is how I chose the winners: I used a random number generator ( ) and chose one person from each page of comments. That allowed people who entered early to have the same chance as people who entered later. Again, thanks for entering, and yes, there will be more giveaways!

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Yesterday, I reviewed three white pens from, today’s pens are completely different–they have a sparkle, come in colors, and are transparent.

Copic makes the “atyou Spica glitter” pens. The glitter is micro glass, smooth with a fine, gentle sparkle. The ink is water-soluble pigment and archival. The pens write on coated (slick) or uncoated stock and put down a fine, even line. On coated stock, the liquid does pool slightly, which means that the last place you pick up the tip will leave a slightly darker dot. I did not have the same problem on uncoated stock.

The pens are fiber-tip, for which I have a preference. I tried out the pink, purple, blue and green. They write on a variety of surfaces (see the video), but do not show up on dark stock–they are transparent and can be layered. I tried them on a variety of surfaces–watercolor, acrylic, and they write over it all. They are not meant to write on glass, plastic or metal. Unlike Copic markers, they are water-based pigment. This means they won’t bleed through any of the papers I tried.’s website says the pens write for 360 yards.

Spica pens come in 24 colors, $2.25 each, or in in two, pre-selectetd color sets of 12 for $27.00 from JetPens.

Pen Giveaway: I’m giving away 3 pairs of 2 pens each–one of the white gel pens and one color Spica. I’ll choose  the colors for you. All you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know you want a pair of pens. I’ll pick a winner at random on June 5, so get your comments in.

That also means you have to sign in with your email address (it doesn’t show on the blog, but I can see it) so I can contact you for your mailing address. For this giveaway, I’m going to limit this to U.S. residents only.

Don’t forget to leave your comments! FTC-required disclosure: provided the pens at no cost.