Your Life on Index Cards

For decades, I’ve been a fan of index cards. They work perfectly for to-do lists, bookmarks, name tags, table place markers, reminder tags, and, of course, the one-sentence journal. (I’m not putting the link to the original blog post, because I no longer sell the one-sentence journal with prompts.)

A few days ago, I stopped by one of my favorite creative blogs, Daisy Yellow, and she had just started ICAD, Index Card A Day –what a great idea! Go over there and take a peek at the ideas, then join the fun with index cards.

Because I have a book coming out in July, I am learning how to make videos. Seems sensible that a how-to book should be demo’d by the author. That means learning how do create my own videos. I decided to combine the index card project and video, and create a small series of videos called Your Life on Index Cards. Using only index cards and some ordinary supplies, each video will make a comment on life. I hope they will be thoughtful, funny, and interesting.

They will vary, but here’s the first one. You’ll notice a credit for music at the end–and there will be music. Susan Loughrin from Inner Creative Voice offered to do the soundtrack, and I easily took her up. She’s an amazing creative force, so when the music is done and I have learned how to attach it to a video, I’ll post them side by side to compare how music changes the feeling of a video!

Meanwhile, Your Life on Index Cards.

–Quinn McDonald is the author of Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art, published by North Light Books. It will be available on July 20.