Your Life on Index Cards

For decades, I’ve been a fan of index cards. They work perfectly for to-do lists, bookmarks, name tags, table place markers, reminder tags, and, of course, the one-sentence journal. (I’m not putting the link to the original blog post, because I no longer sell the one-sentence journal with prompts.)

A few days ago, I stopped by one of my favorite creative blogs, Daisy Yellow, and she had just started ICAD, Index Card A Day –what a great idea! Go over there and take a peek at the ideas, then join the fun with index cards.

Because I have a book coming out in July, I am learning how to make videos. Seems sensible that a how-to book should be demo’d by the author. That means learning how do create my own videos. I decided to combine the index card project and video, and create a small series of videos called Your Life on Index Cards. Using only index cards and some ordinary supplies, each video will make a comment on life. I hope they will be thoughtful, funny, and interesting.

They will vary, but here’s the first one. You’ll notice a credit for music at the end–and there will be music. Susan Loughrin from Inner Creative Voice offered to do the soundtrack, and I easily took her up. She’s an amazing creative force, so when the music is done and I have learned how to attach it to a video, I’ll post them side by side to compare how music changes the feeling of a video!

Meanwhile, Your Life on Index Cards.

–Quinn McDonald is the author of Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art, published by North Light Books. It will be available on July 20.

16 thoughts on “Your Life on Index Cards

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  2. loved the video, I also wondered where the music was, see how everyone thinks the same, I am loving doing the index cards, little mini collages, such fun so easy, and you feel like you have accomplished a great work of art

  3. Quinn, I think the video is marvelous without music, so I look forward to the version with music to compare. And thank you for mentioning the Index-Card-A-Day challenge. I taught myself how to make videos late last year – a learning experience, and so worthwhile! Cheers!

  4. Great video. You are so amazing. I did have a little trouble reading though…I always thought I was a fast reader but I wasn’t able to finish some of the comments. Going to have to make confetti.

    • It’s not your PC. As I said in the writing (not as much fun to read as it is to watch the video)–the woman who volunteered to do the music just got the video. I want to post the video without music first, then add the music and see if it makes a difference in perception of what’s happening on the video.

      • Oh now I understand. I was confused for she was mentioned at the end of the video.. 😉
        Good idea to try the video without and later with music.

  5. Well done Quinn… making videos is so much fun!! I loved those confetti dots.
    How lucky that you have a musician to collaborate with. It will be a fun journey to watch the progression…can’t wait.
    Your fan in germany, tj

    • Aren’t the confetti dots fun? I grinned when that idea flashed across my mind.I am, indeed, lucky to have Susan to collaborate with. Except I’m tone deaf, and she’s going to have to do all the work.

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