Feeling Impending. . .Joy?

The TV was on, with the sound off. I don’t watch TV anymore, so my interest was vague. When the interviewer leaned forward, and her eyes grew large, and the others around the interview table also leaned forward, I did wonder what the person being interviewed had just said. I wound back the, ummmm, pixels, and tuned on the sound.
“I have a feeling of impending doom,” the interviewed person declared. And the others repeated the action of widening their eyes, and leaning forward in interest.

“About what?” was the first question. I really didn’t care. I had seen enough–we love impending doom. We love the slightly sick feeling of fear, of the unknown. Of putting our fears on “the other,” or “them.”

I wondered why we never say, “I have an impending feeling of great joy!” I’ve never heard anyone say that. Is joy harder to bear than doom? Is it so much easier to think we know bad things will happen than expect good things to happen? Are we so certain of disaster that we don’t want to be responsible for joy?

I’m taking a stand here. I’m having a great feeling of impending joy. I think good things will happen. Because the more I look for them, the more I will find. Just like on the motorcycle, I’m looking in the direction of joy.

–Quinn McDonald has a book coming out in a month. Raw Art Journaling is for people who want to be satisfied and are afraid of the responsibility.

11 thoughts on “Feeling Impending. . .Joy?

  1. I also notice sometimes how people like to trump each other with their misery. One person says something about something negative that’s happening in their life and the next person wants to trump that with something even worse. Like “I’ve got it bad” and “But I’ve got it worse”. Misery loves company? I always feel there’s way too much emphasis on how hard we have it and also how terribly busy we are. I guess people just like drama 😉

    • That’s a very powerful observation, Caatje. I’ve seen that happen a lot, too. As if bearing misery is a great thing. Or maybe it’s just the drama. But I’m tired of it. I don’t think it’s productive.

  2. It works. You look for impending joy and suddenly there is more joy to be found. You look around for impending doom…well, I’m not going to look for that. It would find that, too!

  3. I so agree with your observations! The media seems to make everything fear-based……it can drive you crazy if you listen to the media all the time. There are so many things to be joyful for, and look forward to. Thanks for your post…such a good reminder!

  4. Actually…I do have a sense of impending joy. I’m living in a city that I really do like, and have some employment prospects in the works that will make use of my knowledge, skills and experience. I live in a beautiful part of town, with a park across the street. I have Central A/C and two ceiling fans, which come in handy in my third floor apartment, with the hot weather we’ve been having lately. I’m getting ready to meet a good friend for a weekend retreat. While I am not rich by any means, I am living comfortably. I’m making plans for the trip I have always wanted to take…to Ireland this Fall.

    Yes, challenges will come up. Things are not always perfect, but overall… I am delighting in the simple joys of life.

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