The Next Pen

Running into the mall to get to the Apple Store for my iMovie lesson, I dropped my pen. It was a favorite, of course–do I have pens that aren’t my favorite?

This was a Metropolitan Museum of Art pen. The cap was striped in primary colors and had a rotating ring of  that produced secondary colors by turning it. Simple, but fun. The pen itself is a fiber-tip in a case that’s bigger–more comfortable in my hand.

The pen shot out of my hand and bounced on the pavement awkwardly and shot into the lane of parking-lot traffic. I automatically reached for it, and the blast of a car horn stopped me from running to pick it up.

A huge Ford 150 pickup roared past me, the door handle height over my head, the truck so long, I had to pause to wait for all of it to get by. At the speed the driving was traveling, which was at least 40 mph, (he must be on the way home, no one looking for a parking spot drives that fast) I’m glad he honked. I would have left a big dent in his lower bumper, and he, in me.

I heard the pen crack and winced. When the truck passed, I picked up the pen, Interestingly enough, although a Ford 150 weighs more than two tons–4,685 pounds (without anyone in it), only the cap was smashed. To its great credit, the aluminum body of the pen and the fiber-tip were fine.

There is no replacement cap–I asked already. So it looks like I need another fiber tip pen. I have enough fountain pens, and don’t want a roller ball–so what pen do you suggest that replaces the smashed fiber tip art pen?

15 thoughts on “The Next Pen

  1. I must live under a rock because I don’t know what a fiber tip pen even means! I’m just really glad that you didn’t get hurt… yikes!

    • You don’t live under a rock at all. Fiber tip is a generic name for pens like Sharpies, Microns, Pitt Pens and Flairs–they used to be called felt tips. They have a softer writing tip than a fountain pen.

  2. I’ve been using Sharpies for doodling and writing. They are the fine tip sharpies that don’t “bleed through” the paper. I also like the Microns. So sorry to hear about your favorite pen, and I’m very glad to hear you didn’t get hit by that truck! That was close!

    • Microns and Sharpies are great pens, but I was hoping to find a pen that is cool to hold. Maybe it’s time to go back to a technical drawing pen. And I’m grateful the truck didn’t clip me.

  3. I don’t have a suggestion, but I sympathize! My favorite drafting pencil met its demise in a similar fashion- before the wide availability of inexpensive mechanical pencils.

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