Father’s Day Fortune Cookie

Cooking Man has never loved to eat fortune cookies, but he loves the fortunes. For the last several meals out, he has received uninspiring fortunes, so I decided to make him a fortune cookie with a special message. I didn’t want to bake them, I wanted to make them out of paper.

Folding instructions for paper fortune cookies

To see how to fold the cookie, I looked up a recipe for baking fortune cookies, and adapted it for paper.

It’s not hard, but because it involves that mystery–spatial relationships–I drew a diagram.

Start by choosing a paper in a color close to fortune cookies. A paper bag will work, although I used a double-sided mulberry paper.

Cut a circle about 3 inches in diameter. Fold in half, top to bottom. Crease.

Cut a narrow piece of double sided tape about an inch long. Place it along the fold line, in the center of the circle.

Now pinch the paper so the short ends of the tape stick to each other. Keep

Paper fortune cookies, ready to give.

holding the pinch with your non-dominant hand, transferring it if you have to. Using your fingers of your dominant hand, push out the sides, joining the flat sides of the circle.

Let go the pinching hand, and create the fortune. Place it in the cookie. Three drops of glue along the top of the cookie will hold it in shape. No baking necessary. Happy Father’s Day!

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and the author of Raw Art Journaling, about to be shipped, probably before July 20, 2011.