Change and Time

Thanks, I’m fine–to everyone who has noticed I’m not posting quite as often.

Four things are taking up my time:

1. The new website is being launched, it’s not up yet, but I’ll let you know when it is. It’s slightly complicated by my having to find where I parked several domain names, so they can all be pointed in the same direction. You may have noticed the new image in the header. That’s part of the website change, too! It won out over this image, theater doors at an old theater close to where I live:

The web designer and I are also combing through the site looking for mistakes and inconsistencies. We won’t find them all, but it’s worth the effort.

2. Raw Art Journaling is shipping. I have to finish the book trailer, get the virtual book tour organized, and more ahead with interviews. It’s time consuming.

3. I’m teaching this weekend in Glendale’s (AZ) Creative Quest, so I have to make kits and prep the class. I encourage you to join me there for a sneak peek at the book.

4. The dust storm. Wow, that was a great photographic event. Also a big mess–dust inside the house, in the pool, on the trees and patio. Big cleanup.

Once the website launches and I get the class squared away, I’ll be posting more regularly.