Combining Websites

It’s finally complete–I’ve merged my two websites into one, using my company name, QuinnCreative. The former Raw Art Journaling forwards viewers to the new site. There were practical reasons to do it–keeping up two websites and a blog didn’t make much sense anymore. And while I love having the website just for the book, it quickly became my art site, leaving the business site static, never a good thing for any website.

A few interesting changes about the new website:

–It’s totally green. Not the color, but the impact. All the servers used to create and run the website are 100 percent wind powered. Not such a big deal, but small contributions add up.

–The slider on the front page highlights the different divisions of QuinnCreative. It’s hard to explain to people that I both write and deliver training programs and do raw art journaling. Having a moving slide show does a good job of it–and you can click on the text box (or the dot below the slider images) to stop the movement and read the whole box.

–The book page links to the amazon site for the book, but also has a link for a Flickr Group so people can post their own raw art journaling examples. I thought that added a nice touch. Eventually, I’ll sell signed copies of the book on that page, too.

–Events, Workshops and Tutorials are not separate header tabs. They are grouped under What’s New and appear on every page of the website.  Putting them on every page makes them easy to find.

Jen Wolfe of Wolfe Creative did the design work and WebWorksandDesign is the host. In addition to the green site, I like the prices for hosting. Without the separate price for the web-design tool, I save a good deal of money.

I hope you take a peek at the new site and enjoy it. I’m sure there are some hidden typos and errors there, but I’m pleased with the new design and the slimmed-down look.

11 thoughts on “Combining Websites

  1. TJ, I’m on a pc, so it may be different for me, but the slide show is where the huge Quinn Creative logo is at the heading of the page. It starts after a few seconds. The one for the Raw Art Journaling doesn’t have a slide at the moment, though.
    I found the What’s New info on the link to the blog. It’s on the right side of the screen near the top of the page. The tutorials and workshops and events are listed as seperate links. Hope that helps!

    • The Events, Tutorials and Workshops are also listed in yellow. A low contrast or very bright screen could make it go away. All the photos are loaded, so refreshing while the slider is not showing an image is what did it for me. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Quinn, congratulations getting all that background administrative stuff cooking!

    I wanted to let you know that I’m here on a Mac, and although I see the site is only one now with a navigation bar, I’m sorry to report I don’t see any slide show.

    I also can’t find the spot for “what’s new” on any of the pages.

    I thought I’d let you know in case this is helpful. My blog was formatted strangely for weeks until a PC user finally told me! Not everything appears the same way for various users…

    Still happy and excited for you!! As always, best wishes from germany, tj

    • No, not everything appears the same way to everybody. The developer used a PC, but I do know you have to have a fairly updated computer to get it. It looks great on Firefox, and Safari. If you are having trouble seeing the slider, I suggest refreshing while you are on the page. That helped me at some stage.

  3. The new site looks great, Quinn (and Jen!).
    I like the slide show, but it moves too quickly for me to read all that is written on each slide.
    Thanks for having the monsoon papers tutorial up there! I’m going to have to use the hose method I guess since the clouds and chances of rain are gone again for a while.

    • Click on the button beneath the slide show and you can move it at your own speed. If you use the hose method, don’t use the real hot water that comes out first. Wait for it to be regular-summer-hot water!

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