Online Class: Raw Art Journaling, The Book

Thanks to all of you who have asked if I’m going to teach an online class from the new book. YES! It starts on August 14. Best of all, I’m being hosted by Jacqui Graham’s very cool group, Artists of the Round Table. It’s a Yahoo Group, you do have to join to take the class.

The class will run for 10 weeks, covering a section of the book each week. You’ll have opportunities to do the exercises and post your work online. I’ll post comments as a creativity coach, not a critic.

The class will look like this:

Raw Art Journal syllabus for Artists of the Round Table Group

There are two sections for each week–a portion to read (the square with the week number and date), and the homework–the part in the colored arrows.

The class will stay up beyond the time of the class if you want to catch up. I’m very excited to be teaching this class.

Best of all, there are only two requirement for the class: Sign up for the Yahoo Group, and buy the book. (That link takes you to my website, clicking the link will take you to and give me a few pennies for sending you there.)

There is no additional charge for taking the class! If you want your book signed and live in Phoenix, please come to the book launch on July 27, 7 p.m. at Changing Hands bookstore. You can buy the book while you are there! Changing Hands is at the NW corner of S. McClintock and Guadalupe in Tempe. 6428 S. McClintock –it’s in the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s. Phone: (480) 730-0205. There will be desserts, and we’ll be making permission slips!

Quinn McDonald is an instructor in art topics and business communications. She thinks there are a lot of similarities between the two. Creativity is an important part of innovative communication.

21 thoughts on “Online Class: Raw Art Journaling, The Book

    • Thanks for buying the book. I am grateful for every purchase. Above each post, in lighter type, is the date. I ran the course last year, when the book came out. Perhaps its time to run it again. I’ll give it some thought.

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  3. (Barbara, I love you!) Quinn – she’s buying me a copy of your book – and sending it to England – so I can take part! How cool is that? It’s the loveliest thing a friend has ever done for me… I am so excited!! =)))

  4. Have fun at the book launch, Quinn! The class sounds wonderful; what a great thing for you to offer. I’m going to have to seriously consider your approach to creating a syllabus for the grad class I teach each summer! 🙂

  5. The workshop is going to be such fun – I love the syllabus! I can’t wait to see what we all create as we go through the book.

  6. Love the syllabus. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if school teachers did things like that. It would get the kids’ attention.

    I can’t wait for the ART class and also plan on seeing you Wed.

    Congratulations on Everything!

    • I’m actually creating some syllabuses (syllabi) for teachers, but they won’t be written like this–has to get through approval process, and i’m sure that one won’t!

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