Give-Away on Book Launch Day!

August 1 Update: Congratulations to the winners of the stuffies: Linda Darby and Donna McGuigan! I had to draw two winners with all these great entries! Please send me your addresses and the inner critic stuffie will be on the way!

It’s July 27–the day I’ve been watching since November of 2009, when I started writing the book. Tonight is the book launch, so today we are celebrating with two giveaways! First, you are invited to the book launch party. If you are in the Phoenix area, please join us at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe. It’s at the SE corner of S. McClintock and Guadalupe, in the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s. We start at 7 p.m.

Dessert includes fruit skewers, chocolate chip cookies, and Rice Krispie treats–a favorite I made when I was younger and doing a lot of writing, pretending to write a book. Oh, and there are M&M candies–in my logo colors with “QuinnCreative” printed on them. I couldn’t resist.

OK, now for the giveaways. First, on this blog: I’m giving away an inner critic–that voice in your head that reminds you of all your faults and lacks. This inner critic stuffie is perfect–s/he has a mouth that zips shut. Tired of listening to the constant stream ofΒ  criticism? Zip the critic’s mouth shut, and you’ll feel better immediately. Leave a comment and I’ll choose a winner at random. The photo is a representation–I’ll pick a color for you. Rita Ackerman of Tattered Past made these to order, and they are all different. (Click on the link and you can see a variety of them.) The one in the photo is mine, I’ll choose one just for you. Drawing is on August 1, so check back on that day for the winner (I’ll contact you, too.)

Second: Over at Tales of Studio Mailbox, there is another giveaway. T. J. Goerlitz made a video of a project from Raw Art Journaling and is giving away one copy of my book and nine goody bags for mixed media and journaling fans! You know how giveaways always say “Canada and U.S. only”? Not true this time. I’ll ship the book anywhere in the world. Leave a comment over at T.J’s blog and you could win the book!

It’s been a wonderful time writing the book, I’ve met so many interesting people with great stories. I can’t wait to see the art people make after reading the book.

Skewers for the Rice Krispie treats. I wanted to thank everyone who bought the book.

I’ve opened a Flickr group (Raw Art Journaling) for people who want to post their work and take a look at other people’s work. After you join the group, you can post up to five images a day. With 47 exercises in the book, I’m hoping to see some varied and interesting results!

Quinn McDonald is relieved that she no longer has to type the full title and launch date in her bio line. Quinn is an best-selling author, and happy she wrote the book.

66 thoughts on “Give-Away on Book Launch Day!

  1. I have received my book and am looking forward to the workshop.
    Would love to know how the postcards for Japan turned out….bea

  2. Congratulations! My book arrived this week so I’ve been reading ahead for the A.R.T workshop. I’m so glad you are teaching it and look forward to fun creating and sharing. By the way – I love the Zip It approach to the inner critic.

    • Hi Connie! The workshop will be a lot of fun–I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Sharing the art and seeing what people come up with is going to be such a treat for me! That Zip-It is just the cutest inner critic, isn’t it?

  3. I received your book this week and am looking forward to the class. I hope I win this because I need to zip up that inner critic and embrace the words,”I am an artist!”

  4. Quinn: congratulations on the book launch ! I got mine from Amazon this week in anticipation of the online class, and it’s fabulous ! Love the way you write – so conversational and easy to follow. Would love to have stuffed critic ! Best of luck with the book.

  5. Congratulations, Quinn! I’ signed up fo r your workshop over at ArtistsoftheRoundTable, and can’t wait for it to start! The book looks promisiing. Good Look on the sales! Jeanne M @ ArtistsoftheRoundTable

  6. LOVE the idea of zipping its mouth shut Quinn! Adorable! I’d love to win one, and I hope Barbara ships me some M&Ms when she posts my book!! πŸ˜‰

  7. Those little inner critics are just adorable (my own-in my head-is not so cute!). I would love to win one! Congrats on the book launch! Wish I could be there!

  8. Love the inner critic plushies! Do they cross over into other areas of life too? I’d like to shut them all up! Best wishes at your book signing! Happy to already have my own copy! πŸ™‚

  9. Congrats, congrats, congrats my beloved friend! I am sooooo excited for you!! Gotta have tha t little inner critic! So cute.
    Big hugs, Donna

  10. I could really use that Inner Critic. :0) My book arrived yesterday and I drew my nasty little gremlin today….I would like to reduce it on the copier and zip it in the Critics mouth! I can’t wait for our workshop to start over at the A.R.T. group. Thanks!

  11. Congrats on the book launch!! I’ll be joining you in the adventure by participating over at ART. LOVE your inner critic!!! How perfect that you can ZIP his mouth!! I would love to win him….great addition to my studio…and I can practice zipping up!!!
    Doreen aka LuniLadi

    • Isn’t the inner critic great? It’s such a wonderful idea to give him a zipper mouth. It’s quite useful when your inner critic is bothering you that you can zip him (or her) up!

  12. Congratulations on the book Quinn!!!!! I preordered your book through your amazon link and already have it and I’ve been enjoying it. I haven’t actually done any of the exercises yet but I signed up for the yahoo group class. What I’ve enjoyed so far about your book is it feels very good. I’m inspired by it and I feel encouraged by your words. The imagery makes me feel happy and it doesn’t overall the text or the exercises. I’m looking forward to playing and getting curious with the exercises in the book.
    The critic you can zip up is such a great idea and fun prize.
    I wish you great success tonight for the book launch and continued success as your book flies out there into world.

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, Kara! The launch was lovely, and now I am concentrating on the lessons for the book. I’m SO glad the book is right for you. You will have fun working through it!

  13. Congrats on the book launch! I’ve already purchased it, but would love to win a copy for a friend! And zipping up the Inner Critic is priceless! I’m planning to take your class with Artists of the Round Table. I took one with Carla Sonheim on her Drawing Lab book a while back and it was truly life-changing for my outlook on art. After looking at the book, I’m expecting this class to be just as powerful! Can’t wait!

  14. Would love to be able to zip the inner critic’s mouth closed! Too cute. I am reading your book now (pre-ordered from Amazon) and am learning lots. Some books are like cotton candy but this one is more like an entree: substantial yet tasty!
    Linda D

  15. Quinn, congratulations, this is so exciting!! My copy ordered through Amazon Canada has apparently shipped a few days ago so I’m waiting anxiously. I’d love to win an inner critic, not that I don’t already have one, LOL!

    I have a vivid mental picture of the plaza where Changing Hands is, along with Trader Joe’s, the bakery cafe and Steinmart, so at 7:00 I will be thinking of you and the Rice Krispie squares and the M&Ms!

  16. Congratulations, Quinn. You have long awaited this day and now its here and you will be floating on puffy gusts of excitement for days. I can’t wait to see you tonight! My book is ready to be signed!

  17. love, love, love quinn!
    meaningful to me is spreading joy, is to lighten another’s load.
    thank you for doing the giveaway, i’d really like to win an atc as well as the book and cat, of course!
    vicki πŸ™‚

  18. Quinn – congrats! on the book launch. What a great accomplishment. I wish I was in the Pheonix area to celebrate with you. I am looking forward to starting the class at A.R.T. Thank you very much for sharing your talent!

  19. Congratulations to Quinn and your book party sounds perfect with the M and Ms and the rice krispy bars and fun projects and everyone should have a great time and we all need an innercritic stuffer, we will heve to make one for us if we dont win it, and mayrbe they come in giant sizes for giant size inner critics-the real loud mouths/

  20. love the inner critic and love your book even more. i purchased it from amazon (us) in preparation for the class.
    bev a

  21. I adore the idea of an inner critic with a zippered mouth. What a perfect stuffie to have in the studio as a reminder to be kinder to myself. And a fabulous prop to slip into the next still life painting setup, too. Please include me in the give-a-way – and congrats on your book!! πŸ™‚ Kim

  22. Quinn, I am so happy for you, so excited! On this very day, I am ordering my copy; I figured the first day would be a propitious time. I can’t wait to get it. This evening, I shall be with you in spirit, consuming virtual rice krispie treats, fruit skewers, and QC M & Ms, and hearing your voice in the bookstore talking about the book. I will be thinking about all the great projects we did in Washington and how valuable your friendship is. Love, hugs, and kudos–Kate

  23. YAY!!!! Book launch day is here! My books are sitting by the door ready to get signed tonight! I would really love one of the IC’s and it would certainly be put to very good use – over and over and over again! What a great give-away! Enjoy today and tonight!

  24. Congratulations on a BIG day Quinn! I’m so happy for you and wish I was there to have some custom-M&Ms (how chic!). Thanks for sharing your big day with us over here in Germany!! Wishing you lots of fun and laughter tonight, tj

  25. It has been great fun reading along in anticipation of ‘the big day’! I, too, am looking forward to playing along with the exercises in your book — Congratulations! I can’t come to your launch (despite my love of Rice Krispies Treats), but will be thinking great and wonderful thoughts for you! …love, Love, LOVE the notion of an inner critic with a zippable mouth ~>:-D

  26. I sure could use a Inner Critic with a zippered mouth. My IC is so bad that he keeps me from starting at all. The other day I wrote a poem, telling IC to just stuff it, agonized over it for a couple of days, then submitted it. I haven’t heard back from the place I submitted it to, and IC is having an absolute field day with my mind. Oh, for a zipper to shut him up (and yes, he is a he). I am so looking forward to your new book–I love your blogs. I journal but have only a minuscule number of art genes so I don’t do art in them (IC would certainly bust a gut laughing then–Ah, maybe I SHOULD do some art. If he dies laughing I will be rid of him! But then don’t ICs have more lives than a cat?

  27. Congrats on your book. I already ordered one in prepartion for your class – Yahoo!! I so need that inner critic stuffie so I can zip his little mouth shut!! πŸ™‚

  28. I’ve just added the book to my Amazon wishlist having heard about it on Twitter… definitely need it! Looks fab! HAve a blast tonight at the party, and sadly, I’m the wrong side of the “pond” to join you πŸ˜‰

  29. hi quinn, i’ve already bought your book, in preparation for the class πŸ™‚ just hope can deliver in time… they say 1–3 weeks *sigh*
    but i’d love a little stuffie critic i could tell to put up and zip up!! just brilliant! so please put my name in the hat…
    looking forward to ‘meeting’ you in the class πŸ™‚

    • I hope it delivers in time, too! It took longer than I thought when I shipped the book overseas, but I hope they use delivery services. The inner critic is so cute–I love mine!

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